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Custom Car Show Display Sign Boards

We have been making Custom Car Show Display Sign Boards for over 20 years and continue to create new designs.

This year we are introducing a revolutionary design that is the most durable we have made to date.

Our new Aluminum Sign joins our family of custom car show sign display boards and we are very proud of the product.

Signs are printed 16x24 or 24 x 36 and laminated on 1/4" and Black Plexiglas or  on Aluminum sheets. 

Both are very rigid and protected against the weather. Either will work  well indoors or outdoor

There are (4) to choose from, a One Piece with Stand alone Stand, the Aluminum and the Plexiglas backed.

Plus we also offer a ToPick Replacement Style Sign. This Sign is 10.5" x 23.5" and is laminated. It is a poster only - no Stand available 

A FEW OF OUR PAST SIGNS  Click on one to see a larger view, See more in Customer  Photos


Pricing Info

Stands Purchase below

Signs with Plexiglas backing


Aluminum Sign


$190 -$220

One Piece


ToPick Style


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